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    Dean's Word

    The Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science at Alexandria University is one of the nascent and promising faculties at the same time. Where the college was established under the decision of the Prime Minister in 2014, and the study officially began in the academic year 2014/2015, and graduated several batches. As for its promise, it is due to the fact that it includes two very important and vital disciplines, which are of course: economics and political science. Despite the recent era of the college, it represents an extension and continuation of an ancient school of economics and political science that had its roots in the forties of the last century when the two majors appeared in the Faculty of Commerce - Alexandria University at the hands of founding fathers, the status of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Taha Badawy and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz Ajamiyeh and Prof. Dr. Sobhi Tadros Quraysa, and those who studied at their hands and followed their path, among the eminent scholars who achieved the Alexandria School of Economics and Political Science, its distinguished position and its distinguished reputation, and graduated thousands of knowledgeable specialists, especially from the Department of Economics and Political Science, which had been established in 1955.
    The college receives at the undergraduate level annually about 550 students or just over, about two-thirds of whom enroll in the Department of Education in Arabic, and the remaining third in the Department of Education in English. At the second level, they branch out between the disciplines of economics and political science. A new academic regulation has been approved for the academic year 2019/2020, which is characterized by two very important features:
    The introduction of the credit hour system.
    Adopting the idea of ​​a minor, so that upon graduation the student will have a major and a minor. The graduate of the Economics Department will have a minor in political science, and a political science graduate will have a minor in economics. We hope that the implementation of this principle will increase the chances of graduates of the college in its two departments to obtain jobs by supporting their competitiveness compared to their counterparts from other universities.

    At the level of postgraduate studies, the college includes several programs as follows:

    (a) Doctoral Programs:

    Doctor of Philosophy Program in Economics.

    - Doctor of Philosophy Program in Political Science (Political Systems Track).

    - Doctor of Philosophy program in political science (international relations track).


    (b) Master's Programs:

    Master's Program in Economics.

    - Master's Program in Political Science (Political Systems Track).

    - Master's Program in Political Science (Political Systems Track).


    (v) Postgraduate Diploma Programs:

    Diploma in Political Studies.

    Diploma in Banking Economics and Financial Markets.

    - Diploma in Feasibility Studies.


    It is noteworthy that the college is now in the process of launching several professional master's programs in disciplines related to the fields of economics and political science, and we are also working on activating and creating many research centers.

    We look forward to moving the college towards its natural position as one of the effective colleges of outstanding importance, especially in the field of providing advice to decision-makers at various levels, and serving the community at the local and national levels.

    We ask God to grant success, and He is the One behind the intent

    Dean of the College
    Prof. Ahmed Wahban
    Alexandria June 2020

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    Building scientific capacity in the areas of economics and political science and seeking excellence in scientific research in order to contribute to the overall development of knowledge.


    The mission of our faculty is the promotion of economic and political knowledge at both the academic and the applied levels. We aim to develop young capabilities and skills in accordance with the requirements of the professional bodies in order to serve local, regional and international communities.