Faculty of Economic Studies & Political Science

    Our Purpose

    In light of our conscious awareness of the faculty mission, the purpose and goals of our institution can be identified as follows:

    1. Building up distinct and high-quality graduates in the various scientific disciplines taught by the faculty in accordance with the international standards of quality and excellence.
    2. Encouraging scientific research in the various branches of economic and political sciences, and preparing generations of researchers who are able to follow up on outstanding scientific research and innovation.
    3. Activating the role of the university in community services by addressing societal problems of an economic or political nature.
    4. providing scientific expertise and technical support to economic and political decision-makers to ensure the activation of public policy in our society and to contribute to economic, political and social development.
    5. Developing the scientific capabilities and applied skills of the workers in the various economic and political spheres through our training programs, conferences and workshops.
    6. Improving the political and economic awareness among the various sectors of the community through educational outreach programs and public seminars, both within and outside the faculty, or in collaboration with the media.
    7. Contributing to the transfer of knowledge at the local, regional and global levels through our exchange programs of professors and students, as well as through holding and attending scientific conferences.
    8. Encouraging scientific publication through the Faculty Periodicals in the various branches of economic and political sciences.
    9. Encouraging the cooperation between our faculty and its stakeholders by linking theory with practice in the fields of investment, banking, media, diplomatic relations, and public administration.
    10. Conducting research and polls to analyze public opinion trends on general issues so as to make the necessary information available to economic and political decision-makers.