Regulations for Student Admission


The faculty accepts applications from high school students of the Arab Republic of Egypt, who obtained their GCSE in the same year. Applications are accepted through the Universities Admission Office, which nominates the numbers of students to be accepted in accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities. With respect to foreign students who wish to study at our faculty, they can apply through their respective embassies to the Central Administration for Foreign Students Affairs in Cairo. The Universities Admission Office will then allocate the foreign students to the Egyptian universities according to the specified places for each nationality.

The following are the registration procedures and related matters:


1. Medical Examination

After the announcement of the admittance results, the faculty specifies the dates for the medical examination and prepares for each of the candidate students an examination form with the student picture attached to it, and sends it to the Medical Administration Office. The students are to head to the General Clinic inside the Compound of Theoretical Faculties (Mogama3 Nazary) to attend their medical examination on the specified dates. Upon the successful passing of the medical examination, the form will be stamped "Passed". The students shall take this form back to the Department of Student Affairs in the Faculty to complete their registration.


2. Conscription Law of Military Service


In order to comply with the military and national service law, all male students are required do the following:

- Students reaching the age of 19 in early August: must provide the faculty with their military and national service card, which they acquired from the conscription delegate at the same station where they got their national IDs. It is important for the faculty to record their card number as a reference for preparing the postponement of their conscription.


- Students between the ages of 19 and 22 at the beginning of the academic year: must provide the faculty - after paying their fees – with their Conscription Model 2 for authentication. They shall, then, send it to their specified conscription area so as to postpone their recruitment for the military service till the age of 28. This postponement is annulled upon the graduation of the student or his dismissal from the faculty.


- Students reaching the age of 28 during their study at the faculty: will have their postponement of military service annulled, and they have to present themselves to their specified conscription areas, which will then determine the status of their recruiting. In case of being final (fourth) year students, they can provide the faculty with Conscription Model 2, which the faculty will authenticate to grant them extra postponement till the end of the academic year.


- Students over the age of 22 in their first academic year: cannot be enrolled into the faculty till they present themselves to their specified conscription areas to determine the status of their recruitment. In the case of their recruitment in the military service, they must notify the faculty and provide the proof of their conscription in order to either enroll them for study or save their place until the completion of their conscription.